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I'm having a baby!

angelia trinidad


 ... Okay not really, but I've been working on this project long enough for it to be my baby.. hahaha. This may just look like a piece of paper with lines on it, but this piece of paper is the reason why I'm THE HAPPIEST I've ever been after pulling an all nighter. 

For 9 months I've been dreaming, planning, wishing, procrastinating, spendi

ng, reworking, scrapping, reworking (again), mind mapping, researching suppliers, tweaking, dreading, cutting, testing, protyping, asking, printing and so much more for the project that I am currently working on. 

WIthin the next few months I will finish designing, prototyping fabricating, and mass producing a planner aimed to give structure to the creatives and creativity to the structured. 

Every year I literally search far and wide for that "perfect planner". I go all out geek on this stuff and do hours of research, comparing layouts, paper qualities, features, prices... and despite all of that the one I do end up buying always lets me down somehow. I always think "This would be SO much more awesome IF... the paper was of higher quality, there was an appointment calendar AND an open space to journal/jot notes, if it had a section for a to do list, if it in some way helped me break down my goals, if it had motivational quotes, if the layout created a sense of structure yet still was simple... etc." This happened so often that for 4 years I had an ongoing list of "Things I Would Want in A Planner" tucked away in a manila folder on my desk. 

One day I said heck... I'm just going to make my own and was building one for myself and thats where this whole journey began. Tonight I finally completed my overall weekly layout, and I must say.. it has everything I've wanted and I feel pretty freaking excited about it. 

Up until this point I've only told my close friends and family about this project, but this morning, I just HAD to share. I am aiming to do a kickstarter and have the first round of production done and ready to ship by New Years, so hopefully it will be just in time to help you write your New Years resolutions! 

And the journey to building the perfect planner continues..,