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College Insights

angelia trinidad


August 9, 2012

After professionally procrastinating on my essay till 4 AM followed by 6 hours of finals I can say I am OFFICIALLY done with college! No more midterms, no more finals, no more asian school girl uniforms.   Feeling like I've hit a milestone I am taking a moment to reflect and share what I have learned from the past 4 years. Bear with me, this post is a little long, but if it helps one person out there I think it's worthwhile.  

Honestly looking back despite the ups and downs, stresses and all nighters I loved, loved, loved college. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  During my freshman and sophomore year I made it a point to ask all the graduating seniors I knew the same question: When its all said and done what do you wish you did more of? Less of? I feel that these two questions alone helped me shift my perspective on what I essentially wanted out of my college experience. In light of their answers I concluded that I was going to:

1) Make it a priority to study abroad  
2) Let the small stuff slide
 3) Constantly journal and reflect
4) Schedule time for myself to read and meditate  
5) Commit to only do things that I loved, spend my time with the people I valued most and be myself in all situations  

With the help of others I had the opportunity to teach my own class for the first time, learn new languages, find ways to fully fund my education through scholarships and grants, give workshops on topics I was obsessed with, complete research in the topic of how art can positively affect elementary school students self esteem, meet some of the most unexpected yet greatest friends and mentors I could ever hope for, learn and grow within a major and department that was so good to me, and unexpectedly join a sorority I grew to love.  

So my advice to my friends embarking or continuing this journey of college?  

1) Try new things even if they intimate the crap out of you, (I tell my students everyday that every artist was first an amateur) (STUDY ABROAD!!!)  
2) Don't underestimate yourself or overestimate everyone else. Persistence and diligence beats talent any day.
3) Don't get caught up with pleasing everyone, the people that matter will understand your priorities and guilt is just a waste of energy.
4) Meditate and READ up about anything you are interested in, it will give you the edge in any conversation and prove to interviewers (and people in general) that you are capable of acquiring knowledge on your own terms.  
5) Constantly, constantly, constantly ask questions and be genuinely interested in the stories, well being and happiness of others
6) Be patient, everything has its time.  
7) Find happiness in the happiness of others.
8) Last but not least, BE PASSIONATE. Being passionate about what you are doing will give you the extra boost to push past the barriers that stop everyone else. “The line between failure and success is so fine. . . that we are often on the line and do not know it.” E. Hubbard  

Now I'm off on a weekend filled with "see you later" dinners with loving friends, a meditation camp, and simple relaxation. Be welllll mis amigos, the journey continues!


Koh Samed, Thailand 


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