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NOW HIRING! My Right Hand Wo/Man AKA My Personal Assistant!

angelia trinidad




I am currently looking for a personal assistant. I have a virtual assistant at the moment but I have concluded I have come to a point in my life where I would like someone who I can physically see, have coffee with and learn from. 

Right now I am in the process of starting up and maintaining 3 separate businesses, with The Macaron Studio being one of them. It would be very beneficial and stress relieving to have someone to do the tasks I don’t have to do personally. These include: 

• Answering emails
• Making phone calls
• Processing orders
• Scheduling appointments
• Proof reading (because we all know how many typos I post)
• Summarizing articles
• Making minor edits to my website
• Organizing 

Time Commitment
I am asking for about 4-5 hours of work a week. You can operate on your own schedule but must complete tasks before the deadline. Most of it can be online or over the phone. We can meet in person but probably no more than once every two weeks, unless you wanna hang or something. With that being said I am accepting applications from SD and LA. 

• Must be interested in (not all but more is better)
o Art
o Writing
o Reading
o Business
o Baking and washing dishes LOL
o Personal productivity
• Must be a RESPONSIVE texter/email correspondent
• Must be responsible and RELIABLE
• Must be open minded and ready to learn
• Must be a good writer
• MUST BE SELF MOTIVATED and show initiative! I feel like for the right person this isn’t really a job but an opportunity to learn and teach me some things as well. 

• $8.25 an hour, cash or check bi weekly, with incremental raises 
• You will be hired as an independent contractor

I hope to make this experience as beneficial to you as it is to me. I will do my very best to enable you to reach your goals, teach you things, sit down with you and really plan out what I think may help in any aspect of your life. I currently am “fluent” in these different areas and would be willing to show you the ropes of.
• Starting up a small business
• Blogging
• Drawing, painting and sculpture
• Coaching
• Web Design
• Photography
• Sports
• Food
• Minimalist Lifestyle
• Traveling to Thailand
• Surfing (I can teach you the basics) 
• Emoji Texting.. hahaha (joke!)
• Productivity both analog and digital 
• Group productivity tools 
• Mind Mapping 
• Investing in the Stock Market 

You will also gain access to my complete library of more than $1000 worth of personal development, business, and inspirational books. Oh yeah, occasional macarons. 

If interested please email me your (
1) Resume 
2) A short few sentences of why you are interested in the position 
3) Where you live and how much time you can commit
4) Your favorite food, so I know what to send you as a thank you gift if you do become my assistant 

Thank you, 
Angelia Trinidad