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PRODUCTIVITY HACK: The Post-It To-Do List! How to Never Forget to Do Something, Analog Style

angelia trinidad


Here is a simple and effective process I use to get things done, try it out, tweak it, and let me know how it works for you! 

1) WRITE IT DOWN. When you think of something that needs to be done WRITE IT DOWN on a post it. When you do this you let your mind release that brain itch. Feels good dont it? Each task gets its own post it. 
2) ASSIGN TIME ALLOTTED. On each post it write the amount of time it should take to do this task in minutes. Be realistic! If you are feeling ambitious, shorten that time frame. 
3) PRIORITIZE. Spread them all out on a desk and rearrange based on priority. If you can't seem to figure out which is more important ask yourself, what would be the thing that I would regret THE MOST if I forgot to do it. 
4) STACK. Stack the post its, most important on top to least important on bottom. 
5) TIME. Now using a timer (something other than your phone is best, as we know the temptation is REAL) set the time on it for the time you wrote on the note. 
6) WORK. Clear your desk and work on one task at a time. If you get stuck, feel free to table the task and move onto something else, just put it at the top of the pile or next to top and let your mind work on something else. 
7) DESTROY AND CONQUER. When you finish a task it is time for a victory paper CRUMPLE, grab that post it, crumple it up and triumphantly throw it in the recycling bin. YOU DID IT! HORRAYYYYY!

Things to remember: 
A) FORGET MULTI TASKING! The mind is like a stream of water when you're washing a car, it works best when it has focused target, instead of just misting everything.
B) TREAT YO SELF! Put in a post it for "break time" eat a cookie, play with your puppy (you lucky you) text a friend some cutie emojis.. :* 
C) Be consistent and try to beat the time allotted. Before long you will be wondering how in the world you became so darn tootin productive! :) 

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts, or what you do to get things done in the comments below! :D

Angelia "THE PAPER CRUMPLER" Trinidad
San Diego, CA