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THE "SECRET" FORMULA to Getting What YOU Want


THE "SECRET" FORMULA to Getting What YOU Want

angelia trinidad


"We started at the bottom now we're here." - Drake

My not-so-secret secret to "success".


Never in a billion years did I imagine I would be a founder of a photography and french macaron business ( be traveling the world, writing my blog, and actually having art work exhibited at MOCA | The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles fresh out of college. 

In all honesty, I hit a really dark period of worry and uncertainty throughout my senior year. I was wondering what the heck I was going to do and moving back to SD with my parents left me questioning how much I had grown as a person. I really thought I was a complete idiot who was just floating aimlessly. 

Then I decided to be awesome. And it just happened. Just kidding!!! It wasn't so easy. Getting out of being even a little depressed was hard, especially because I see myself as a true virgo and partially a perfectionist. I AM SO HARD ON MYSELF D: (another post here haha)

I decided to be un-alone and I surrounded myself with good vibes. I met people. Through books, through interviews, through coffee and tea, through travel, through kind gestures. Then, I wrote my thoughts out and I read, and I spent time with people who made me better. Elma Joy Trinidad, Catherine Yu, Roxanne Pareja, @dianne labao... ♥ ♥ ♥) 


So whats my secret to doing all these "amazing things"? 

After reading allll the self help books, interviewing millionares, and my own experience this is THE SECRET FORMULA "to getting what you want" 

Clear Definitions + Persistent Actions = Experimental Sharing Progress 

1) Clear Definitions. 

Set a timer for 3 minutes, grab a piece of paper and a writing utensil and be ready for one of the most crucial 3 minutes of your life. You will be CLEARLY defining what you want out your life (financially, family, love, business, intellect, fitness... etc) and what makes you happy ON PAPER (I prefer to use a mind map like style for my writing). 

Be HONEST with yourself, no one else can define what YOU want. Not what your mom wants, your dad wants, your best friend wants.. or your cat wants.. WHAT YOU WANT!!!! Think of it was a wish list shopping spree from the universe. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALLL!!!! (But you realize later you don't want it all.. another post about that soon.

Keep in mind: Immediate goals within the next 3 months are better because you have the ability to work towards them NOW. 

Ready. Set. GO!

It is not until you are consciously AWARE of what you want out of your life and clearly DEFINE it does it happen, which is what happens when people pray as well. 


Get something done EVERYDAY by 10AM that gets you closer to your goals. It might be a phone call, an email, some research, a text message to your crush.. teehee.. Haiii ♥ ANYTHING. 

Make it one of your priorities, if you don't change your life no one will. 

3) Experimental and Sharing Process: THE MOST FUN PART!!! 

Repeat, repeat, repeat... AND SHARE! Help people and thank the people who helped you along the way. I spend my money 3 ways.. on food, essentials like books and gifts. 

I didn't want to write the end product as success for 2 main reasons:

1) Success like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

2) Failure is AWESOME. Some of the greatest things I've learned is from failing. 

This whole process is what my website is all about, sharing my journey but more importantly tools that can help YOU achieve your goals. Consider it a happy early/belated birthday present. Enjoy!

Now I'm off to play some ball in NYC!

Angelia Trinidad

TMS Co-Founder and Blogger

Brooklyn, New York


Shout outs: 

The kind people at Top Of The Rock NYC

Thanks Tim Ferriss for inspiring this post. 

Did this excercise with May Ko Ko last night! :3