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Message in A Bottle

angelia trinidad

Although some may think my life is perfect, it isn't. 

I have flaws, my plans never go exactly how I expected, and things blow up in ways I never thought they would. I worry, I feel lost, I procrastinate. I can be selfish and I hurt people I love in ways I've never wanted to hurt them before. I feel pain. I see jealousy, negativity, anger. I feel those things. 

But I know I am not those things

I make mistakes. 

And when I do I learn how important it is to apologize when you mean it. 

The only thing I know for sure is that I don't have all the answers.

But just because I don't have them all doesn't mean I don't have a few solutions that have worked for me.
 It doesn't stop me from trying, from suggesting, from taking action to do what small things I can to make this world happier, more exciting, more fulfilling. 

I share the good times that I have been given through social media to shine a light from the other side; to prove that even though you feel like the cards are stacked against you, or that life is an awful set up, that you can make it through.

I try to not just talk the talk, but use my life as a curious experiment to prove that the walk is possible. 

I've been inspired by so many people who will never know the impact they've had on me. I have read the autobiographies of legends, blogs of epic life hackers, and so many quotes of game changers that my daily conversation is laced with their words that have become a part of me. I readjusted my standards to what I believe is an ideal life for me and I take action to live it. 

I would have never become the person I am today if thousands of others didn't courageously put their message in a bottle, even thought others thought it was too idealistic, too ridiculous or flat out crazy. 

Every day you fill bottles with messages you never know when or who they will be opened by. 

Write a message you'd want to open.