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It doesn't have to be perfect, It just has to start.

angelia trinidad

A lot of change has been happening in my life lately and I find myself having to constantly remind myself of these words.

Emotionally I haven't been perfect, in my speech I haven't been perfect, in my action I haven't been perfect. But I thought about it and I realized I wouldn't expect a friend of loved one to be perfect all the time, so why do I constantly expect that from myself? Sometimes it's ok to be not ok.

I stumbled across a Barbie vlog where she talks about something similar. She expresses feeling blue and how unfair it is for us to always expect ourselves be happy. She ended her vlog with "you can't have spring without the winter and I think the winter is beautiful too."

We can't always expect things to be perfect or even be good right away. Perfectionism has killed more dreams than anything else. The best of the best we're all beginners at one point. All artists were once amateurs. All teachers once students. The only thing that differentiates the noob and the expert is experience, trial and error and persistence.

Here's to having the courage to do the thing that scares us, and being okay with progress over perfection.