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Navigating Post Grad Life Workshop - Hosted by Angelia Trinidad and CSULB Chi Delta Theta

angelia trinidad

Angelia Trinidad, founder and CEO of Passion Planner, will be holding a free workshop geared to help individuals navigate post graduate life by drawing a roadmap to their own unique dreams.

RSVP via Facebook here

We wil be talking about and working on three major things:
1) How to effectively plan, prioirtize and create check points to reach your goals
2) How to face fear
3) How to gain traction after graduating to avoid the feeling of "directionless floating" 

This event will be hosted by Csulb Chi DeltaTheta 

- Space is limited so first RSVP's are necessary
- Room will be announced day of 
- Snacks and light beverages will be provided

QUESTIONS? Contact Kristin KmYoung, President: CSULB Chi Delta Theta (415) 297-0439


Passion Planner 
- Passion Planner is the planner reinvented. Designed to inspire you to live passionately and positively while balancing work life, school, and career. 
- It has been changing the lives of individuals around the world. 
- Since its launch in December 2013 through kickstarter that raised close to $50,000 in 23 days Passion Planner has gone viral within the college, fitness and life coaching communities. 
- Passion Planner has been ranked as #3 best rated planner on all of
- Find out more at

Angelia Trinidad
- Currently is the CEO of Passion Planner and Co-Founder of The Macaron Studio
- Resides in San Diego with her family
- Graduated from UCLA in 2012 with a BA in Art and a minor in Visual and Performing Arts Education
- Loves coaching, teaching and traveling
- Loves chocolate peanut butter ice cream and pizza
- Art:
- Blog:

Passion Planner: Free Downloadable Weekly Layout and Kickstarter Update

angelia trinidad


It has been officially 5 days into the Kickstarter and we are at 137 backers totaling $5,386 so far in out $19,000 campaign! We've hit a huge milestone by selling out of all 100 early bird specials already as well!  Want to find out more or support my project? Become a backer and receive a first edition Passion Planner as a thank you!


I really want this planner to be a tool to help people reach their goals and chase their passions and knowing from experience how it feels like to be a full time college student I know how tight money can get especially around the holidays. With that being said I am releasing a blank version of the weekly layout for anyone to download and print for free. Print one week, fill in the dates and try it out. If you like it a lot go ahead and print out enough for the whole year. The only thing I ask is if you like it share it with a friend. Think of it as my early Thanksgiving gift to you. 


 Two weeks of my actual schedule

Two weeks of my actual schedule

Print it out and staple it in a manila folder. Super light, minimalist and practical. Also you can write directly on manila folders giving you tons of space to take notes. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to make this dream of mine come to life and have so many people willing to help me along the way. 

With all my love, 


San Diego, CA 

I'm having a baby!

angelia trinidad


 ... Okay not really, but I've been working on this project long enough for it to be my baby.. hahaha. This may just look like a piece of paper with lines on it, but this piece of paper is the reason why I'm THE HAPPIEST I've ever been after pulling an all nighter. 

For 9 months I've been dreaming, planning, wishing, procrastinating, spendi

ng, reworking, scrapping, reworking (again), mind mapping, researching suppliers, tweaking, dreading, cutting, testing, protyping, asking, printing and so much more for the project that I am currently working on. 

WIthin the next few months I will finish designing, prototyping fabricating, and mass producing a planner aimed to give structure to the creatives and creativity to the structured. 

Every year I literally search far and wide for that "perfect planner". I go all out geek on this stuff and do hours of research, comparing layouts, paper qualities, features, prices... and despite all of that the one I do end up buying always lets me down somehow. I always think "This would be SO much more awesome IF... the paper was of higher quality, there was an appointment calendar AND an open space to journal/jot notes, if it had a section for a to do list, if it in some way helped me break down my goals, if it had motivational quotes, if the layout created a sense of structure yet still was simple... etc." This happened so often that for 4 years I had an ongoing list of "Things I Would Want in A Planner" tucked away in a manila folder on my desk. 

One day I said heck... I'm just going to make my own and was building one for myself and thats where this whole journey began. Tonight I finally completed my overall weekly layout, and I must say.. it has everything I've wanted and I feel pretty freaking excited about it. 

Up until this point I've only told my close friends and family about this project, but this morning, I just HAD to share. I am aiming to do a kickstarter and have the first round of production done and ready to ship by New Years, so hopefully it will be just in time to help you write your New Years resolutions! 

And the journey to building the perfect planner continues..,