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It doesn't have to be perfect, It just has to start.

angelia trinidad

A lot of change has been happening in my life lately and I find myself having to constantly remind myself of these words.

Emotionally I haven't been perfect, in my speech I haven't been perfect, in my action I haven't been perfect. But I thought about it and I realized I wouldn't expect a friend of loved one to be perfect all the time, so why do I constantly expect that from myself? Sometimes it's ok to be not ok.

I stumbled across a Barbie vlog where she talks about something similar. She expresses feeling blue and how unfair it is for us to always expect ourselves be happy. She ended her vlog with "you can't have spring without the winter and I think the winter is beautiful too."

We can't always expect things to be perfect or even be good right away. Perfectionism has killed more dreams than anything else. The best of the best we're all beginners at one point. All artists were once amateurs. All teachers once students. The only thing that differentiates the noob and the expert is experience, trial and error and persistence.

Here's to having the courage to do the thing that scares us, and being okay with progress over perfection.


Finding Your Passion

angelia trinidad

 New York City

New York City

Finding your passion is a lot like dating.

You don't go out and tell the first person you meet that they're the love of your life. You go out, you try something, you see if it works, and if it doesn't, you learn from it and move on. It's an ongoing process of putting yourself out there, trying something new, being uncomfortable, and doing that until you're happy with where you are.

I think that people expect instant gratification when it comes to picking their career or finding their passion. They like to idealize what other people are doing and hold themselves to a completely different standard. I think it's necessary to check in with your gut and ask things like, Is this what I like to do? Do I wake up in the morning and feel excited — even for the challenges that come with this? Being honest with yourself is so important. Again, when you're in a relationship with someone, it's not a matter of thinking, I'm going to be with them forever. It's asking yourself every day: Am I happy in this relationship? If not, am I willing to take action to change it?

Give it chances, give it time, be patient with yourself, and make sure to put yourself in the best opportunities to find that passion.

A lot of people love to volunteer, or create things, or work on teams to help the world, and there are a lot of great organizations that do that kind of stuff.

The flip side of that is understanding because of your choices, what kind of livelihood can you afford — and then being okay with that, too. Understand that there are pros and cons to everything. You can get a job that pays really, really well where you do work and you hate it. And also you could find a job [you love] that pays very, very poorly and you're starving. Finding the happy medium between these two things is really important.

From Traveling to TED: The Top Three Things I've Learned from 2014

angelia trinidad

 Overlooking Granada, Spain from the Alhambra 

Overlooking Granada, Spain from the Alhambra 

June?! Where did you come from?

So much has happened in the past five months, I pinch myself sometimes, because I remember where I was less than a year ago floating in doubt, drowning in inaction, afraid of uncertainty. Now I'm doing what so many have said was impossible, making a living by creating a tool that helps other people live out their dreams. If you feel overwhelmed remember a lot can change in a few months!  

What have we been up to?! 

2014 Highlights

 Me speaking at TEDxUCIrvine!

Me speaking at TEDxUCIrvine!

January - Launched website! Passion Planner starts selling on
February - Passion Planner climbs to the #2 best rated planner on
March - We receive the biggest order in Passion Planner history from the video game company EA (Entertainment Arts)!
April - Passion Planner reaches more than 4,500 likes on Facebook and more than 1,500 followers on Instagram
April - May: Took the trip I've always dreamed of! I spent 7 weeks exploring the beautifully diverse countries of France, Senegal and Spain!
May - I gave my first TED talk at TEDxUCIrvine's event the Adventure of Discovery (video to come soon!) 

Despite the accomplishments, I often find myself reflecting on what I learned from the failures that often go unnoticed, the growing pains, the times things didn't go exactly to plan. 

I find myself writing in the blank section in my planner, lessons I've learned while being out there in the big world.

Here are the top three lessons I've learned this year: 

1. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be a start. 

I find myself still procrastinating because things don't seem perfect, heck sending out my first newsletter didn't happen until now, 6 months into the new year! But if you're reading this now, it's because I let go of the perfectionism reigns and put it out there.

When we first start out we try to make what we do perfect. We think that we should be able to just get up and run, but when we start something new it's like learning how to walk again. We must crawl, we must fall over and over again and keep going until we feel confident walking on our own two feet. I've caught myself in this pursuit in perfection many times, and I must remind myself, to just make a decision and run with it.

Some pictures I took while abroad in Africa, Spain and France. View more and connect with me on my Instagram

2. The willingness to improvise, stay level headed and act during clutch situations is more important than prior planning, reason, or analysis. 

In travel and even in terms of my TED talk I've learned that I can either freak out because I don't know exactly how things are going to pan out or accept this moment is a gift and exactly how its suppose to be and run with it. I've learned to approach everything with my present and honest personal best and know that that is good enough. We always compare ourselves; try to live up to other people's benchmarks and expectations, when we really just need to be true to our gut, breathe, and be willing to improvise in a clutch situation. 

3. Success comes from learning how to fail fast without losing the enthusiasm to try again.

Some people think Passion Planner's success was something that happened over night and that I knew exactly what I wanted to do coming right out of college, but the reality was so far from that. I spent years procrastinating, overanalyzing it and prototyping but not doing anything about it. Doing something, taking action, messing up, and then getting back up; that process of experimentation got me to where I am now.  

Even deciding what I wanted to "do" for a living was trial and error. From second and third grade art teacher to aspiring sculptor to starting my first business and realizing that that wasn't my passion, I've experienced TWELVE different careers before I found myself starting Passion Planner. 

 Me and my namesake Combinta (right) in Senegal, West Africa 

Me and my namesake Combinta (right) in Senegal, West Africa 

Wishing you all the learning, growth and ADVENTURE in the remaining 202 days of 2014, let's keep making it epic!

Angelia Trinidad

CEO and Founder of Passion Planner