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Bittersweet Balance


Bittersweet Balance

angelia trinidad


Today I fly back to my beautiful home of San Diego. 

Yesterday was the first time I had been able to see the dual beauty of gray skies with rain pouring on one side of the sky as the sun shown through the gray and bright blue sky an white clouds on the other.  

Such a good metaphor for having to say goodbye; bittersweet, but def still a ironically beautiful situation bc it hurts to say goodbye, but the only reason why it hurts is because I had such a great time and will miss the people, places and nature that I am leaving here.  

Thanks again Thailand, the new friends I've made, the old friends I've seen, and the people who looked over me and kept me safe in all my spontaneity. Thailand and all of its balanced contradictions, you never fail to show me a memorable, welcoming and amazing time.