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How To: Reach Your Goals at Light Speed!


How To: Reach Your Goals at Light Speed!

angelia trinidad


I'm super big on goal setting, but not just any goal setting. Typically I set long term goals, but treat them like short term goals. I am a strong believer of Parkinson's Law. 

Parkinson's law states that the time that tasks and goals take to complete will shrink or swell depending on the time you allot to complete it task.

Still confused? A prime example of this law in action is when you find out your paper is due at 8AM the next morning and you eeek out just enough procrastination power to turn it in at 7:59:59 AM. I'm SOOO guilty of this. 

Read more about Parkinson's Law in a blog post by LifeHacker

Here are my current goals both long term and short. 

Creative and Professional

1.    Launch my blog

2.    Get my teaching credential

3.    Start a small business with my family members 

4.    Design and launch my own planner company

5.    Own a food truck

6.    Live outside of the US for a year straight

7.    Have a solo show in NYC or LA

8.    Become ridiculously fluent in Spanish

9.    Coach a high school sports team

10. Read 1000 books 

11. Lauch a social network

12. Do a TED talk

13. Hold biannual workshops

14. Hire an elite staff for all of my businesses

15. Teach high school art 

16. Write three books

17. Be self sufficient on passive income and have the freedom to sustain my lifestyle through online management

18. Have more than 100,000 blog subscribers

19. Get 10,000 thank you notes 

20. Have more than 20 personal and professional mentors

Travel and Adventure

21. Motorcycle across Thailand

22. Motorcycle across the US

23. Travel back to the Philippines

24. Skydive alone

25. Kayak alone and have my own picnic and read all day

26. See the Northern Lights

27. Travel to Madrid, Spain and live there for 6 months

28. Go back to Thailand

29. Visit my Personal Assistant in India

Family and Love

30. Buy my parents each a new car

31. Take all my little cousins to Disneyland

32. Have my family love the person I marry

33. Be with someone who has their own life and lets me live mine and who I can be honest with about anything and everything

34. Raise at least 2 kids, adoption is also an option

35. Kiss every person I've wanted to kiss


36. Buy a small one story house in cash

37. Buy a motorcycle

38. Buy 2 french bulldogs (one for me one for my sister) 

39. Live as minimally as possible; no more than 200 possessions


40. Be as fit as I was in HS (120 lbs) 

41. Do a half marathon

42. Do a full marathon

43. Do a triathlon

44. Surf everyday for 1 month straight

45. Do a boot camp (at least 3 weeks or longer) 

46. Become a certified personal trainer


47. Take my 5 closest friends and family on an all expense paid 10 day vacation

48. Help 10 friends reach their lifelong dreams 

49. Offer a college scholarship under my name

50. Give away everything I don't use all the time

51. Give at least one day of the week to a charitable cause and work for free 

52. Invest 50k in a person that I believe will do great things with it 

I will be crossing them off and blogging about them as completed, so if you want to receive updates through email subscribe here! 

What are your goals? Share with me and maybe I can help make em happen! 

Angelia Trinidad
San Diego, CA, USA. 
March 1, 2013