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The #1 Most Important Thing I've Learned from Greek Life


The #1 Most Important Thing I've Learned from Greek Life

angelia trinidad

UCLA Chi Delta Theta Epsilon Class

UCLA Chi Delta Theta Epsilon Class


First of all, congrats to Epsilon Class for crossing into one of the greatest sisterhoods ever, you guys deserve it and I have complete faith that you will continue to do a great job representing Chi Delta Theta.

Second of all, there's a famous greek quote: "From the outside you can never understand it and from the inside you can never explain it." Well here's my late-night attempt to explain it. 

Honestly, I NEVER ever EVER thought I would ever join a sorority. I am THEE ultimate non-soroity type of girl. I'd rather play basketball with the boys, skate all over the place, wear no make-up and stay at home like a grandma with a book than go out and party; no way was I going to join something as shallow and as superficial as a sorority.

But then I met a group of AMAZING girls and did. 

They collectively broke the persistent stereotypes that have been engrained in me by the media and other people. Where I was expecting to find the most superficial girls, I found the most open minded and accepting individuals. Not only that they we're motivated, they we're willing to help, sacrifice their time, energy, sleep and a part of their life to pave a way for younger girls who came after them. They created a home away from home, a family away from family, and a home to return to after I graduated. Shoulders to cry on, sidekicks to have adventures and share inside jokes with, but most importantly people to surround you with positivity, tough love, and inspiration. 

Pledging and being an active was hard, don't get me wrong, but it was a classroom outside of the classroom "education by fire" if you will, that taught me one of the best set of lessons throughout college: How to work with people especially people who are also SMART, CAPABLE and DRIVEN. Here are the top 4:

1) That I'm not the center of the universe

2) The best work happens when the best teams work 

3) People are more capable when you trust and believe that they are

4) If someone makes a mistake (even me) holding a grudge does not resolve anything. In essence, let mistakes go. 

These are SO important because lets face it, in any stage of life you NEVER live in a bubble. Sometimes it's not what you know, but how you are able to communicate what you know in order to collaborate and work with other people. 

Throughout college, whenever a friend, stranger, or professor would first found out I was a sorority, they we're in sheer disbelief. Some would even assume that I was a "typical" sorority girl; closed minded, rich, someone who'd party and drink all the time, and needed to pay for my friends. But if you really know me none of these is the case. I'd like to think of myself as open minded and someone who lives within their means, someone who doesn't drink (people are the most shocked about this) and who would probably be more like your hip grandma during social situations. Lastly, I don't pay for my friends (but sometimes I pay for my friends!).

Finally, I realized I could do 1 of three things,

1) prance around preaching

2) sulk in the fact that I was being judged or

3) simply just be myself and openly associate myself with being with a sorority and hope that people would see, with their own beautiful eyes that, WE, like every group that occupy a generalized demographic, don't ever seem to fit quite within the small container the media shapes (h8rs gon h8).

I went with the latter. 

Anyway, I started this post just wanting to simply post the quote. "From the outside you can never understand it and from the inside you can never explain it." but after thinking about it, I asked why does that have to be true? I would suspect this kind of thinking would perpetuate the negative stereotypes; that greek life is super exclusive and there is a definitive us and other and we are better than you, but all of this is just not true. 

Simply put: If you've ever worked with a group where things are clicking, you know you are supported and you are connecting with people you would have never expected to connect with, YOU know the feeling. If you've ever been greeted by friends with hugs and love and smiles even though you haven't seen them in so long YOU know the feeling. It might not be a greek org, but I hope you somehow through some group of people, get to know the feeling. 

Thank you to my sisters of Chi Delta Theta and my family in Zeta Phi Rho to have given me this feeling throughout my college years and beyond. 

Keep questioning, growing, and keep learning my friends!

With all my Chi Delt Love, 
Angelia Trinidad
Los Angeles, CA


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