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Go and live simply.


Go and live simply.

angelia trinidad

Ma would be proud :) Stayed in a little later to clean and organize my widdo room. Ever since I lived in a sardine can at UCLA I LOVE living in small spaces! 

"Live simply so that others may simply live."

To be able to say I can live out of a carry on suitcase seemed so unreal to me up until now. It's really funny and ironic because I was such a sentimental pack rat up until very recently. Because of travel and personal choice and my decision to let things go

I feel so refreshed to be able to live so simply and know if I lost EVERYTHING I owned it would take so little resources to be back to my current content state.

I never thought I would say that i still feel excessive living on the contents of a backpack and a carry on luggage! 

You learn sooo much when you travel and even so much more about yourself by traveling on your own. You meet amazing people, taste memorable food, and see the world through such a nuanced lens. It's like your senses kick into hyper drive and the world becomes fresh again. I remember the first time I moved to Los Angeles and felt free, I remember visiting a 300 year old temple in Thailand and being chased by a family of monkeys away from the ruins, the mist turning into raindrops as I laughed at terrified friends... I remember feeling so alone yet comforted by the sounds of people speaking Tagalog when I first went to Paragon on Orchard in Singapore and the

clearest and most reoccurring memory is I remember seeing my parents, siblings and relatives for the first time after my travels and crying

because I was overwhelmed by knowing no matter where I went, and no matter how many times my mom and dad would lecture me and try to convince me to stay safe in their nest they would let me go and be rooting me on from home. 

So do yourself a favor, pack a bag and go. Anywhere. It might be a road trip 2 hours away or a 18 hour flight all the way across the planet.. Just go. If you say you can't for reason x, y and z you don't want it bad enough. The adventurers, the couch surfers, the game changers want it so bad that experimenting, leaving and traveling are just as necessary as breathing. 

You might not "be ready" now. But trust me you're as ready as you're ever gonna be and no one can take you anywhere (physically or mentally) without you wanting it. 

Last bit of food for thought:

You are too damn blessed to have the opportunities you have, and too damn young to not take chances and explore. The world is too freakin beautiful to not see, and it's people toooo freaking good hearted and inspiring to not meet. 

Be honest. Be respectful. Be generous and the universe will reflect it right back to you

Wishing you love and safe travels,
Angelia Trinidad
New York, USA