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My First Love.

angelia trinidad

angeliatrinidad basketball

Everyone, meet my first love.  

I met my love when I was at the prime age of 6 and honestly, I don't know where I would be without Basketball.  

I feel mentally and physically tested and challenged, yet in complete peace, excitement, and perfect flow mind and body when I am on the court. A natural high for sure.

I have met so many amazing people from playing ball in HS at UCLA and pick up all over the world.  

Yesterday, I played for the first time in what feels like years the other day and was hitting my shots, finishing my layups, and straight hustlin'!   I would have made my coaches proud that day. :)  

Thanks Ruben De Alva for the photo, I don't have many pictures of me playing for sure. Def gonna show this one to my future kids! Hahaha  

If anyone ever wants to play pick up, hit me up!


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What activity are you doing when you feel like you're in the zone or on a natural high! Share in the comments below and maybe I will to try it one day! :)