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Book Reviews

I admit it, I am 22 and I would rather read in the comfort of my own room then out and party. I am a total bookworm, and some friends tell me I am a grandma trapped in the body of a 22 year old and I take that as a compliment.

From self help, productivity, business, lifestyle, education, to travel if I find it interesting I read about it. With so many books out there, people generally get overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.

To address that issue, I've made a list of my top reads in each category. Most of these overlap categories, so I have tried to label them with what I feel their primary focus is. 

Note that I am not affiliated with these books nor their authors and am not getting any compensation for this list or my writing. I have simply enjoyed what they have to say, and feel like it has helped me in my life, and is worth sharing.

Angelia's The Best of the Best Book List



Spirituality/Self Help

Want to send me a little thank you?  Buy from the link provided in each post to purchase. It is my own personal link that gives me a small pennies on the dollar from Amazon for referring a purchase. Can't buy the book? Go to my favorite club since I was a kid! The book club at your local library, and then share with me your thoughts! (The latter is actually preferable) :)