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Make Waves

"Creative people don't exist.

Only people who seek, synthesize and act on information. Don't create in a vacuum, that's just selfish. Making things just for you is okay sometimes, but it doesn't have any positive ripple effect.

What you wanna do is stir up the water.. Heck, make waves because that is the only way to be bigger than yourself. Share everything, materially, emotionally, intellectually and cultivate community based on love, gratitude and good will."

- Angelia Trinidad 

About Me

“A great human revolution is just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.” - Daisaku Ikeda

My Dream

I might not be that person but I dream of helping of helping others achieve their dreams, live driven by passion, and chase their BIG goals.

My Journey

Armed with curiosity and social experimentation, I take risks that most are scared to take. I document my failures, successes, and insights through writing and photos and share them here in order to help you

My Gift to You

Happy belated and future birthday to you! This website is my gift to YOU. Wrapped in a box that is your computer, phone or whatever, this website is especially made for you. Inside is:

1) My very best

2) Tips, tricks, hacks, knowledge, reviews, products, insights that I use everyday to make my life easier.

Read more about my story and my journey here.


Find out what I am up to right NOW!  Here you'll find news on new projects, musings, successes and failures! You can even have a conversation with me and other readers in the comments! Comment partayyy!


I'm not a professional photographer. I simply shoot pictures because I understand that I am human and tend to forget lots of things. This is my secret to having photographic memory. ;) 

Book Reviews

With over 100 books in my reading arsenal I provide reviews for my most memorable and favorite. 

Gear Reviews

I try my best to live a minimalist lifestyle and have cut more than 90% of the physical things I used to own out of my life. These are the awesome select few material things I use on a daily basis. 

80/20 Guides

From business to travel, simple, straight forward and visual guides to things that I find interesting and helpful. It's kind of like the SparkNotes version for life. 

My Favorite People

I've been more than blessed with amazing people that keep me going. Bloggers, friends, and other inspiring and notable people who's work, and life philosophy I'd LOVE to share with you.


I LOVE mail! Drop me a note, a question or just say hi! Keep it short, simple and sweet. :) Think of it like leaving a post-it on my desk! 


The world runs on good karma! Support me to keep living the dream and enabling others to do the same. :)